Linkedin Profile Management: a complete guide for Managers and Professionals

gestire profilo linkedin efficace

Linkedin Profile Management: a complete guide for Managers and Professionals

“Connecting all professionals in the world to make them more productive and contribute to their success”

This is Linkedin’s mission and this is why everyone needs an effective Linkedin profile. There is no ‘I have no time’ that can hold up … Managers and Professionals must necessarily be present on Linkedin. Mistakenly, most users consider Linkedin a job search platform. But this is only a residual component. Linkedin is in fact above all a professional growth and business networking platform.

To date, 60% of executive managers, business managers and decision makers are present on the platform. And the LinkedIn profiles of the management are precisely the most visited, as a guarantee of trust in the company itself. A few lines written reluctantly are not enough, you need information and contents that are inspirational for others. Let’s find out together what are the benefits and how to improve your Linkedin profile Management.

Benefits of an effective Linkedin profile management

Before learning how to manage an effective Linkedin profile, let’s evaluate the benefits for managers and professionals.

  • Connect potentially with 500 million professionals / companies to show who you are, your career development, your knowledge and skills
  • Always stay professionally updated following trends and industry news
  • Support your company in its oversight of digital channels, increasing its online reputation
  • Helping HR and Marketing engage employees more easily
  • Become an opinion leader in your industry

To achieve these results, you need a strategic management of your Linkedin profile, starting from its creation and then continuing to publish interesting content.

Correct management of professional Linkedin profile

Having an optimized profile is only the first step. To make the most of all the potential of this social network, you need to interact constantly.

It only takes a few minutes a day, in which to ‘recommend’ the most interesting posts and participate in public conversations in your feed through useful and interesting comments. Once or twice a week we recommend taking a few more moments to re-share content with your personal comment as well as creating original posts.

Active management of your Linkedin profile allows you to get in touch with other professionals and help the algorithm to recommend increasingly interesting and useful content. In addition, day by day you will increase your Social Selling Index, that is your credibility score on Linkedin and therefore your professional positioning.

In addition to the content, you will also need to find the direct relationship with other users. Then you will have to go through and accept friend requests; and possibly send some messages to other professionals you know well to guarantee you an active and lasting relationship over time.

For a correct management of publications on LinkedIn, it is good to provide a plan of weekly publications to be respected as much as possible.

How to Communicate Effectively on Linkedin

Many managers and professionals do not have time to devote all this attention to their Linkedin profile. They then delegate HR or external agencies to carry out this activity on their behalf. Although it would be better to manage your profile yourself, it is not a mistake to ask for help to create and manage your Linkedin profile. Very often, however, the limit of those who carry out these activities for you is that of not letting your true voice shine through, not to give emotions.

Often those who comment and write texts for you tend to refrain from expressing emotions and keep the conversation on a very formal level. This immediately makes it clear that you are not behind those words, or if you do not understand, it gives a distorted image of you. To get the benefits we talked about earlier, as well as being present constantly, you need to find your unique and distinguishable voice. This is precisely our main objective in managing our customers’ social channels.

Are you a manager or a professional and you need help to optimize and manage your Linkedin profile? Discover the professional services of Digital Visibility and contact us to tell us better about you!

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