Social Visibility

Through the creation and management of professional content for social media, we help Professionals, Managers and Companies to:

  • Proactively manage their digital profiles and increase their ability to influence

  • Easily aggregate, optimize, create and publish original content

  • Create a modern and relevant public image

  • Guide and influence the topics of discussions in their professional fields

  • Become true thought leaders in their professional categories

  • Inspire work themes and employees through engagement and digital channels

  • Increase the public on the social media and increase their impact

The Social Media management platform for executives and professionals

Your online presence has never been as important for your career and company as it is today. We can help you.

  • Better manage your organization: the content shared by people is 8 times more credible than the content shared by the organization and it has +500% visibility.

  • Become a better boss, hire and retain more talents: 52% of employees are inspired by social media leaders.

  • Sell more: 77% of people are more likely to buy from an organization whose top management is active on social media.

Relevant insights in real time

Customized social media content

Growth of the profile’s audience and importance

Social Media management solutions

We are a company strongly supported by technology. We believe in the importance of aligning and guiding our customers’ digital profiles and activities to ensure successful results. In order to build ad hoc strategies for the customer, we have a team of experts in social media, content creation, audience growth and engagement and search engine optimization.

Our operating model


Our editorial group is made up of writers, journalists and photographers who create strategic content, checked and possibly corrected by a Senior Editor before being distributed, with the Client’s authorization, to a targeted audience on social media platforms and blogs.

Growth and optimization

Our growth and optimization department is made up of a team that creates and optimizes social profiles, develops strategies for the growth of the customer’s digital footprint and uses typical techniques of social media channels to achieve the set goals.

How we measure success

The success of our services depends on the needs and decisions of the customer. In general, our team shares the customer’s choices and takes action to achieve specific results:

      • Audience growth
      • Expansion of coverage
      • Increase in engagement
      • Stronger connections with important influencers
      • Identification and analysis of important trends
      • Accuracy of the search results
      • Reputation improvement
      • Amplification of the events

Who Chose Us


We help professionals improve their online reputation by creating unique and targeted content.


We engage with individual executives to guide them in the digital world and strengthen their reputation as thought leader in their field.

Big Companies

We work for big companies to create strategic communication through the social media profiles of their managers and products.

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

We work with SMEs to strengthen their leaders profiles and awareness and help them grow their businesses.