Youtube Marketing: Mini Guide For Companies

Youtube Marketing: Guida per Aziende

Youtube Marketing: Mini Guide For Companies

Let’s find out why you need a Youtube Marketing strategy and how to best position your videos.

Over a billion users for two billion views per day… the data speaks for itself. Youtube is the ideal place to do marketing. A boundless catchment area, to be conquered with our videos. On the other hand, video is one of the most immediate forms of communication and the most capable of influencing people. Just think of the success, especially in Italy, of a medium like the television.

In this perspective, Youtube marketing becomes a fundamental tool for promoting one’s company and also oneself. A promotion that is not based on advertising messages but on emotional communication. And therefore much more effective.

The home sweet home of all videos is Youtube. Contrary to popular belief, Youtube is not just a video container, but a real search engine, second only to Google. Going back to talking about data, you must know that:

  • more than 50% of users search for videos before purchasing a product;
  • more than 40% prefer Youtube as a channel for watching videos;
  • Youtube channels with 5 zero turnover have grown by 50% in the last year;
  • Channels with over 1 million subscribers have marked + 75% since last year.

Youtube for companies therefore proves to be a unique opportunity to make themselves known and add a few zeroes to turnover. Find out how to make the most of the potential of video marketing on Youtube.

Our tips for a Youtube Marketing that works

As we said, Youtube is a search engine and therefore the strategies to be followed are similar to those envisaged for ‘traditional’ digital marketing. The starting point is the same: know your target and identify your goals. Starting with this fundamental foundation, here’s what to keep in mind for an effective Youtube Marketing strategy.

How the Video should be

About 20% of people stop viewing the video after the first few seconds. It therefore becomes essential to produce videos with engaging and exciting intros. In this way you can keep the user’s attention alive and ensure that they watch the entire video.

Videos that therefore must not be too long, but at the same time that are able to tell a story and provide useful information in the eyes of search engines. The most important requirement of your video is that it is not the classic ‘hustler’, but a video with which the user can empathize. Only in this way will positive word of mouth be created about your content and you will be able to achieve your goals.

In all of this, we take it for granted that these must be high quality, professionally made videos to invest money in.

How to do SEO for Youtube

To be able to convey a message, you must first ensure that this message can be heard. The first step to make an effective Youtube marketing strategy is keyword research. As with Google, SEO plays a fundamental role on Youtube. Once you have identified these keywords, with the same tools used for the web, you will have to use them in what way?

  • Enter the keyword in the title.
  • Create a video caption text that contains keywords and is comprehensive, don’t limit yourself to a few lines. Also insert a call to action that prompts the user to visit your page.
  • Name the video file before uploading by entering the main keyword in the name.
  • Use of tags useful for positioning.

SEO is a long and complex job, which generally takes time both to be done and to bring results, which are not predictable anyway. However, it remains fundamental, and must be done in the right way. But what if there was a way to speed it up?

With Digital Visibility, SEO is accelerated through the use of artificial intelligence. We take care of keywords, texts and various optimizations. Our platform does the rest. This combination of manual and artificial work allows you to organically position your videos in a few minutes in the top positions. Find out more about how to conquer Youtube with our Video Visibility service.

What are the metrics to evaluate

First of all, you must take into account that your video has greater exposure in the 48 hours after uploading. This time frame is essential to understand if your video is working or if you need to correct the shot.

Don’t be fooled though: views are not the indicator that should interest you most. What really matters is watch time and interactions. These two indicators are the real yardstick for evaluating the success of your strategy.

Also remember to insert the UTM within the call to action, cards or final screens so that you can correctly track the traffic generated by your campaign and its effectiveness.

What do you think of our Youtube Marketing tips?

This is not an exhaustive guide but a way to get you in the right perspective and give you the basis to enter this magical world made of videos. The goal is to emphasize the importance of Youtube marketing in the strategy of a company that wants to find new ways to make itself known and sell. A strategy that must be done in the right way, and which can be made more effective with the right allies… Digital Visibility is here to help you!

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