Video Visibility

We create video-based campaigns with a focus on ranking, built to drive significant traffic to the video in minutes!

The first organic ranking service for quick “First Page” results on Google and YouTube

We create video-based campaigns focused on ranking that are managed by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to quickly drive traffic to the video / website

We offer the “supercharged” immediacy of Adwords with the long-term reliability of SEO… in just a few seconds!

We produce ad-hoc videos or use videos and multimedia files already produced.

With Digital Visibility you can use existing media to create ranking-optimized videos.

Digital Visibility uses machine learning algorithms applied to keywords.

Videos covered by Digital Visibility are created to rank immediately!

Traditional Ranking

PPC creates value through immediate exposure – SEO provides long-term visibility. Both are manual and expensive endeavors. They take months to get meaningful results. They are extremely competitive.



  • Immediate visibility on search engines
  • Direct channel for Lead-Generation
  • Controlled advertising messages
  • Ability to quickly test and refine the message



  • Consistent positioning in reliable results
  • Better leverage for future product launches
  • A platform to test new marketing opportunities


  • Expensive: the AdWords model insists on increasing spending as the only way to scale
  • Competitive: the AdWords market requires brands to ‘spend more’ than their competitors.
  • No positioning guarantees.


  • Expensive: long term commitment for the agency or the department for algorithm management
  • Long tail: only the constant and continuous maintenance of the algorithm
    will develop the ranking over time
  • No positioning guarantee

Who Chose Us


We help professionals improve their online reputation by creating unique and targeted content.


We engage with individual executives to guide them in the digital world and strengthen their reputation as thought leader in their field.

Big Companies

We work for big companies to create strategic communication through the social media profiles of their managers and products.

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

We work with SMEs to strengthen their leaders profiles and awareness and help them grow their businesses.